Welcome to Russian Surrogacy

Russia Surrogacy is part of the IVF Conceptions, leading fertility tourism agency. We have more than 10+ years of experience in fertility domain, with specialization in cross-border IVF, Egg Donation, and Surrogacy Services, globally. Our representatives are based in multiple countries like India, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, and Laos.

Since inceptions,we play an instrumental role in making families possible through IVF, Egg Donation, and Surrogacy arrangement. We offer Altruistic surrogacy option with the sole goal of making parenthood journey hassle free and enriching experience. We provide a guide, support, and empower Intended Parents throughout the process.

Russia surrogacy is full service, Surrogate Agency based in Moscow who are looking for parenthood journey. We offer the most trusted, affordable and all-inclusive surrogacy in Russia. All our egg donors and surrogate mothers are healthy and medically screened and counseled before enrolling.

Numerous couples already realized parenthood via our Russian surrogacy services. We can do the same for you! We are most happy to share references from our previous Intended Parents if needed.

We have several partners IVF Clinic in Moscow with state of the art facilities. Our IVF Clinic did exceptionally well over the years with best success rates. Our local offices in Moscow and will be happy to meet you to get started your parenthood journey with us at most affordable cost.

Our Advantage

We are one of the most experienced surrogacy agency in Russia, specializing in family building through Assisted Reproduction Technologies.  We provide start to end support which includes but not limited to-

  • Medical assistance like IVF-ICSI coordination before arrival to Moscow.
  • Egg donor and surrogate mother recruitment and coordination.
  • Local support on arrival for IVF and at the time of baby pick up.
  • Providing visa assistance.
  • Airport picks up and coordinating all visits to the IVF Clinic in Moscow.
  • Guide and support for documentation for baby exit process.
  • Hotel booking support.
  • Guaranteed baby surrogacy programs available.
  • Although we are the first-hand source of information and support, we do not charge any fee to you. All payment directly goes to local partner clinic. Your cost of treatment will remain exactly same or even less as we often bargain a lower IVF fee for our Intended Parents.

We are full Fertility Service provider in Russia

Our services include Egg Donations, IVF-ICSI, Gender Selection, Embryo Donation, and Surrogacy Services for married couples and single parents as well.  This means unmarried couples and asingle man and single women are also allowed to undergo gestational surrogacy in Russia.  Russian surrogacy laws are one of the favorites in the world, thus, making Russia one of the most legal and safe destinations for surrogacy seekers.

In nutshell

  • All Intended Parents are entitled to obtain fertility treatments with help of Assisted Reproduction Technologies or Third-Party Reproductive assistance in Russia.
  • Sperm donation and egg donations are allowed but are anonymous.
  • Freezing of eggs/sperms/embryos is allowed.
  • Legal age limit for a female to obtain fertility treatment is 50 years.
  • Surrogacy agreement is allowed between the Intended Parents and surrogate mother.
  • Only 2 embryos can be implanted in a woman at the time of embryo transfer.
  • Fetus reduction is allowed.

Feel free to contact us to know more about our low cost surrogacy program in Russia.  Your parenthood journey starts with a first single step and that is – Contact Us!