Why Russian Surrogacy Program

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  • Russia is the most developed country among the third world countries. The overall health quality and nutrient supply is good even in lower income group.
  • High quality IVF Programs is available not only in capital of Russia but also in the regional clinics with more affordable prices.
  • Russia is surrogacy friendly country. The process of obtaining baby birth certificate is easy with only name of Commission Parents. No court order is needed.
  • Affordability with good IVF and surrogacy services.
  • Availability of large database of Caucasian egg donors and option of using Asian origin egg donors.
  • Gender Selection is allowed via PGD.
  • Taking baby home process is quick and you can take baby home in as less as 2 week time.
  • Shipment of frozen sperms/embryos is allowed, so you do not need to visit in person to start your surrogacy program and thus save time and money.
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