Surrogacy with Caucasian Egg Donor

As most of IVF cycles need an egg donor to have optimum success rate, we offer services of egg donation as well. We are proud to say that we offer one of the most extensive Caucasian donor databases to our Intended Parents. Matter of fact, half of our Intended parents uses an Egg Donor services for their surrogacy program. You will be given database access; where in you can see multiple pics, medical history, family history, educational details, and social history of egg donors. You will be asked to choose at least 2-4 donors in order of your preference and depending upon the availability final donor is chosen. Please note that we do not do egg sharing- so all the eggs received from your choice of donor will be fertilized for your case only. It is also advised to send pics of female partner so that we can do donor matching with female partner. If you wish to know more about our donors, please contact our client manager.