Surrogacy with Asian Egg Donors

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There are many of our Intended Parents who wish to choose an Asian origin egg donor for their IVF Cycle. We are happy to offer this service as well! We have good number of Asian egg donors who are ready to travel to another country for egg pick up. You will be given the donors profiles, and looking at your specific requirement, you chose your donors. The donor is checked for availability and booked for your program. Once your IVF Cycle dates comes closer- Pre-IVF Tests are done for donor. We do fresh blood tests for all our egg donors and surrogates. Once tests are good- The process of stimulation start from Day 2 of egg donor cycle. Generally the process of stimulation start in donor home country and she travel to IVF Cycle country for egg pick up on Day-8 to Day -9 for rest of stimulation and egg pick up. Once eggs are retrieved, after 2 days rest- egg donor come back to her country. Please do not hesitate to contact our Client manager if you have specific questions or donor requirement- we will be glad to assist!

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