Russian Surrogacy Legislation

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Russia is one of the few countries where surrogacy is allowed by law. The legal aspects of surrogacy are stipulated by the Family Code of the Russian Federation and the Russian Law on the Population Healthcare. The medical aspect of surrogacy is spelt out in Order 67 issued by the Russian Ministry of Healthcare.

The issues that are not clearly mentioned in Russian legislation are as follow:
— Unmarried couples’ right to surrogacy;
— Single infertile women’s right to surrogacy;
— Single men’s right to surrogacy;


One of the evident drawbacks of the Russian legislation is that the surrogate is not obliged to give her consent on putting the intended parents’ names on the baby’s Birth Certificate and thus she can keep the baby. To avoid such situation it is advised to undertake your surrogacy program with reputable and experience surrogate agency who have experience of handling delicate surrogate program. Further, if Asian origin surrogates are used as gestational carrier, such