[cws-row cols=1][col span=12][cws-widget type=accs title=”FAQ” items=23][item type=accs title=”Am I eligible for Russian surrogacy Program?”]

We would like to let you know that all Intended parents regardless of their marital status are eligible for surrogacy program in Russia. Although single parent’s surrogacy is allowed, but same sex surrogacy is avoided, so even if you are gay couples, it is advised to facilitate your program as single man. In short, Russia offers LGBT surrogacy option to all parenthood seekers.

[/item][item type=accs title=”Do we need any visa to during our visit to Russia for our surrogacy program?”]

There are many countries, which do not require visa for specific days. It is possible to come on tourist visa to start your program. In case you have time constrains and would like to send frozen sperms samples, it is also possible. Generally shipment is affordable from west cost in USA and Vancouver area of Canada. The shipment arrangement and facilitation will be taken care by us.

[/item][item type=accs title=”What is the process? “]

As soon as you get all the information and would like to proceeds with us, we first have to sign an agency contract/mutual agreement and then in the meanwhile you select your Egg Donor, and also plan your visit to Russia. You will be asked to make the first payment and our administrative, medical, and legal team will start work on backend with recruitment, tests and preparation of donor and surrogates and preparing legal surrogacy contract for your specific program. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated with your donor and surrogate preparation for IVF and also inform you about your arrival dates in Moscow.

[/item][item type=accs title=”What parts do you organize, and what parts do we need to organize?”]

You’ll have to select an egg donor and the rest of the things (legal/ financial/ screening/ co-ordination, etc. are done by us).

[/item][item type=accs title=”Medical Test from you”]

To save time and money of our Intended Parents we ask them to do these medical tests in their city and send scan copy of results over email for our fertility specialist review. In case an egg donor is used for surrogacy program, only male partner need to do these tests. See below list of PRE-IVF Test for both partners:

Pre-IVF Tests needed for Male partner:

– Sperm analysis (with 5 days of sexual abstinence)

– Full blood count (including platelets)

– Blood group ABO and Rh (valid for 3 months)

– HIV 1/2 Ab + P24 Ag (valid for 3 months)

– Hepatitis B surface Ag (valid for 3 months)

– Hepatitis C Ab (valid for 3 months)

Pre-IVF Tests needed for Female partner:

– Ultrasound scan (Day 8 of Cycle)

– Full blood count (including platelets)

– Blood group ABO and Rh

– HIV 1/2 Ab + P24 Ag (valid for 3 months)

– Hepatitis B surface Ag (valid for 3 months)

– Hepatitis C Ab (valid for 3 months)

– RPR & T.Pallidum (VDRL) (valid for 3 months)

– Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH)

– LH – Luteinizing hormone (Day 2 of Cycle)

– Estrogen (E2) (Day 2 of Cycle)

– FSH – Follicle-stimulating hormone (Day 2 of Cycle)

– Prolactin

[/item][item type=accs title=”How long does it take on average from beginning (signing contract) till the time you take baby home? “]Roughly it’s a 12-14 month process, including contract signing and 9 months of pregnancy and paperwork to take the baby back. The process of taking baby home varies country to country depending upon the consulates and embassy of your country. In countries like USA and Canada, it takes almost 4-6 weeks.[/item][item type=accs title=” What is the process for arranging a Caucasian egg donor- and does this cost very much? “]Please note that we have huge database of Caucasian egg donors to offer you. We will give you database access so that you can select 2-4 donors in order of preference. The available donor will be booked for your program. The cost of Egg donor program is $6,000.[/item][item type=accs title=”When would parents need to come to Russia and how long would parents need to be there for? “]You need to visit Moscow complete paper work and to give semen samples. For male partner, first trip can be -4-5 days long, this would include contract signing, visiting medical team, legal team, and surrogate. It is required to have at least 2 samples of semen during this visit. If you are heterosexual couples and female partner is using her own eggs (self-cycling), then they she need to stay almost 15 to 20 days to complete the stimulation and egg pick up process. [/item] [item type=accs title=”How many embryos are implanted at once? “]The doctor would consult with you in advance- however, at most 2-3 embryos of A- grade are implanted, in case, you have additional good embryos, that will be freezed for future use. The package includes freezing of sperms and embryos for 3 months. [/item] [item type=accs title=”What is the chance of having twins?”]With IVF, there is more probability of having twins, generally out of 5 IVF, one can be twins.[/item] [item type=accs title=”Is it possible for parents to request that we’d prefer to have twins? “]Generally the preparation of surrogate mother is same, and 2-4 A good embryos are transferred to her uterus in hope of implantation. Now, if 1 or 2 embryos implant and grow, this is pure luck. However, in case of 3 triplets growing, selective fetus reduction is done to avoid health issues in babies and surrogate mother.[/item] [item type=accs title=”Could you also send us a quick summary of timelines? “]Once you select the ED, then we can move in approx. 4-6 weeks, this is the minimum time it takes to prepare and synchronize donor and surrogate properly. In case you are self cycling, our coordinator will assist you in term of planning and arrival so that female partner cycle can be matched with surrogate mother. [/item] [item type=accs title=” Is there currently a waiting list? Or could we start the process soon? “]Once the ED is selected, then we can start immediately. There is not waiting list. [/item] [item type=accs title=”Whose names come on baby birth Certificate? “]I would like to confirm that our Intended Parent´s names are on the birth certificate and no surrogacy mentioned, even if you use an egg donor. [/item] [item type=accs title=”Could you advise of the success rate of the procedure? “]To ensure that we have a high success rate we ensure that the egg donor is below 27 years of age, the surrogate is in the healthy age range of 22-30, the Egg donor is a proven ED as well as the surrogates already have their own kids. Only physically and mentally healthy fertile female are enrolled for surrogacy program. The success rate for donor surrogacy is as high as 70%.[/item] [item type=accs title=”Which clinic or fertility specialist will handle our case? “]Our partner agency will be doing your full program in one of most elite and trusted hospital, European Medical Center. The whole process of preparation of surrogacy, IVF, antenatal care and delivery will be done in same hospital. [/item] [item type=accs title=”Do the couple and the surrogate meet and if so, at what stages? “]Yes they can, right at the beginning, and at the end of the journey as well. Of course with the surrogate’s permission we can arrange for more frequent meetings.[/item] [item type=accs title=”What is legal process of taking baby home and do we get birth certificate and whose names comes on it?”]Surrogacy in Russia is a legal 100% for everyone. After baby delivery IPs names in birth certificate. Also baby won’t get Russian citizenship and for clients it is much easier to bring baby home.[/item] [item type=accs title=”It is possible to send frozen sperms/embryos?”]Yes, it is possible. Please be sure that the success rate with fresh sperms or frozen sperms is same. Matter of fact, most number of IPs does send frozen samples, to save time and money. Our local team will help you in shipment process, as they do it quite frequently.[/item] [item type=accs title=”Who are surrogate mothers?”]Generally surrogate will be Asian (From Thailand) and all their accommodation, food, travel, medical care is take care. Most precisely, most Russian girls smoke and drink, can’t control sexual life, and just few girls are ok to stay full period in our place and finally it is more expensive, that is why Asian girls are preferred, Thai girls easy to come and stay in Russia, over 150 direct flights to Moscow per week, no need visa. [/item] [item type=accs title=”Why should we choose Russia over other counties?”]

– Good quality of IVF, European standard Medical facilities to IPs and surrogates.

– Gender selection possible.

– Asian surrogate mothers, who do not smoke or drinks.

– Surrogate mother 100% of time under company control. Who stays in surrogate house full time, with all food and medical facility readily available.

– IP names in birth certificate

-Good success Rate

-Huge database of Caucasian egg donors

-Legally favorable.

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